Just The Way You Are…

Tomorrow is another milestone.

33 years ago to the day, David and I joined forces.

We had an elaborate wedding, celebrating with 200 friends and family at a Stanford White mansion on the water.

The partying started on a Thursday night and concluded on Monday as we had so many guests from across the country as well as South Africa, Israel, England, Belgium, Canada and France.

There was no, Say Yes To The Dress, moment.

I shunned tradition and wore a pale grey lace Norma Kamali wedding gown that was made for me.

I was a bridesmaid 14 times and decided to just have my mom as my matron of honor.

Food and music were priorities.

Believe me, no one, not even curmudgeony great uncles, complained or went home hungry.

My father was in the spirits business so the adult beverages flowed from the best French champagne along with Chateau Rothschild and Antinori wines and a bevy of after dinner drinks.

My dance with my dad to his favorite song, Sunrise, Sunset, was tear inducing.

My first dance with my first and only husband, highlighted the hard work he put in at the Arthur Murray Beverly Hills dance studio.

Our choreographed routine proved to be an impressive display, synced to Billy Joel’s, Just The Way You Are.

Beyond a few minor tweaks, we haven’t attempted to change each other. It is difficult to improve on perfection!

The celebrations were memorable, highlighted by a divine honeymoon in Turkey, Egypt and Greece.

The bottom line is it was a fabulous celebration, but the miracle is that we have endured.

Frankly, we are a stronger couple today and more in love than ever before.

Don’t kid yourself, making a marriage work and endure takes a megaton of hard work, patience and compromise.

Married 33 years tomorrow and together 38.

Now those numbers are trending positively with a much higher approval rating than  Trump administration.

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