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Thankfully, Dead Man Walking, aka the Donald Trump Reality Show, is almost over.

We all are in desperate need of escapism.

Midtown Manhattan has a deal you can’t refuse.

Monica Piper has brought her hilarious and poignant one woman show to Off-Broadway.

Not That Jewish continues to prosper and soar.

I have been a big fan of Monica Piper’s show since it’s debut in Los Angeles several years ago where, Not That Jewish, had a long, successful run.

Piper is an accomplished comedienne, writer and producer and earned an Emmy for the ultimate validation.

Monica has landed Off-Broadway at the New World Stages on 50th Street.

It is bigger and better.

We went to see the show Saturday night.

It was sold-out.

The audience responded enthusiastically and Not That Jewish appeared to resonate across all demographic lines…it’s Jew-‘ish” so every denomination can relate.

Not to embarrass a family member, but tears were shed. The show was not only funny, but touched the soul.

It’s mandatory that I call out Ronda Spinak.

Being a woman, she multi-tasks and is responsible for giving Not That Jewish life and a home at Jewish Woman’s Theatre in Los Angeles.

Ronda is one of the Off-Broadway producers along with veteran producer, Michael Alden.

Go see the show.

It is an entertaining evening that will take your mind off all of life’s issues and will bring more relief than a high colonic.

Not That Jewish is just that…it is a very funny, relatable show…a craving for chopped liver or a propensity for guilt is not required.

photo: carol rosegg
photo: carol rosegg

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