Jupiter Rocks…NYC Restaurant Review

Now there is a great deal more to Rockefeller Center than the rink and the annual Christmas tree.

Glorious food has skated into 30 Rock.

Recently enjoyed a lovely dinner at Jupiter before theater…it is very appealing to not eat in the crowded, darkly lit, theater district.

Jupiter offers a bird’s-eye view of the ice and roller rink depending on the time of year.

The restaurant configuration is a bit weird. There are four seating areas. I had to do a deep dive into Google to know where to park my tush.

There is the fake outside dining area. If you want to feel the heartbeat of the restaurant don’t sit there. If you crave a romantic meal or not to be seen because your company is less than attractive than opt for the Nook. Of the two main dining areas I would choose the one in front of the kitchen not by the bar.

The food was delicious. I was surprised because historically the cuisine around Rockefeller is often pricey and not that tasty, not matching the high price point.

I order the best Aperol Spritz ever. The cubes were big as was the flavor that had grapefruit overtones and was not, thankfully, sweet ($19).

We kicked things off with a wonderful Insalata Di Stagione or Asparagus Spears with Wild Rocket,  Florence Fennel, warm Lentils  and  Castelrosso  ($24).

The Zucchini Fritti was crispy, not oily and no guilt was involved ($16).

The Beef Sott’Olio chargrilled Beef Fillet with 2022 Cappezzana Olive Oil, Fava Beans, Horseradish and Watercress Leaves was delicious, the EVOO outstanding and the watercress a delightful touch ($29).

The Tagliatelle ai Carciofi e Pinoli was prepared al dente and the artichoke flavors were delightfully prevalent not overpowering ($32).

The team behind Jupiter owns King, a popular SoHo restaurant.

The staff was friendly and accommodating.

Jupiter is a lovely choice for dining when shopping, sightseeing or experiencing the Rockefeller Center/Fifth Avenue shopping mecca as well as perfect for pre or post theater.

Jupiter 620 Fifth Avenue New York City. Open Monday-Saturday 11:30am-10pm.  Reservations on Resy.

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