Jump That Train…

High speed trains are the way to travel.

Jumped into the first class compartment to Bordeaux from Paris and in 2 hours and 3 minutes we were there.

No more 6 hour car rides with Los Angeles type congested highways attempting to enter Paris.

Made it home in 40 minutes and held court with friends for 4 hours drinking amazing red wines from Bordeaux and South Africa.

Bread, fresh oysters and wine the perfect dinner.

Unpacked and off to sleep in our quiet little hamlet with the citadelle from the 1600s.



  1. Enjoy, amazing place .
    Next time we need to meet there. I just got back from France.
    I hope it isn’t too cold.

  2. You look great

  3. Lisa Mee Doherty & Wayne Ensrud says:

    Enjoy !! Looks absolutely wonderful !!

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