Judging A Cold Shoulder…

17 degrees in New York City.

Coldest it has been in 3 years.

A gigantic freeze out for former NY Giants head coach, Joe Judge, who was fired yesterday.

I did not mind the cold after Judge was sentenced to oblivion…it warmed my pigskin soul.

I am more than ready for a Giant clean slate and let’s not forget to celebrate and shout Hallelujah for the ultimately forced retirement on Monday of the Giants talentless general manager.

The Giants averaged 9.3 points per game this season and I thought 17 was cold.

Moving on, let’s tackle the fact that It takes a half hour to dress for the frigid outdoors…so many layers and even Finnley is in need of a coat and booties.

Miami and Los Angeles are looking rather appealing.

At 7am Central Park was practically empty except for a few canines.

Even the dogs were ready to do their ablutions and head home.

Today, the temperature may reach 35.

I have confidence that it will get warmer and that the NY Giants are in a better place today than yesterday even though they still suck.

What would really warm my heart is cutting ties with their pathetic quarterback before they have to pay him $21 million to stay…a good time of year to thoroughly clean house.



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