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Yo, Jon & Vinny’s is all that.

Finally, a fabulous new Italian restaurant in Los Angeles…no shtick just simple, amazing Italian with a farm to table California twist.

The owners are the hot and happening Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. Jon & Vinny’s is their latest project to go along with the popular and noteworthy Animal, Son of a Gun, Trois Mec and Petit Trois.

Fairfax is a haul for us especially on a Friday night. It took over one hour to Waze our way to the Fairfax district which is slowly being gentrified. Jon & Vinny’s is across the street from the legendary Canter’s Deli.


We sat at the chef’s counter and loved interacting with Lilliya and Waco. They brought the food to life.

Jon & Vinny's Waco
Jon & Vinny’s Waco

Let us not forget the fabulous chef, Courtney Storer, who was welcoming and generous.


Everything sounds amazing on the menu. We were gung-ho for the burrata and peach salad, but had to make a change since we were planning on ordering the burrata pizza.

Too much burrata can be an embarrassment of riches.

Arugula Salad
Arugula Salad

We started with the arugula, shaved zucchini, hazelnut, meyer lemon, fennel and pepato (semi-hard sheep milk cheese) salad ($11.25). It was simple yet complex, light and refreshing. Loved the crunchy hazelnuts. Every great salad must embrace the crunch factor.

Snap Peas
Grilled Sugar Snap Peas

We then paused and had a side of grilled sugar snap peas lightly dressed with pickled ramp ranch …crispy, sweet peas with a bit of heat ($9).

LA Woman Pizza
LA Woman Pizza

If you want to get up close and personal with a fabulous LA woman here’s your chance. Order the LA Woman pizza which is out of this world and unlike many LA gals, it is all natural.


This is probably the best pizza I have eaten in Los Angeles (Pizzeria Mozza has very good pizza). The local burrata was rich and creamy with a light, delectable tomato sauce, basil, olive oil and sea salt. The crust was killa…charred, thin, crunchy, airy.

The pizza dough has a higher yeast content and they ferment the dough for at least 48 hours.

Cacio e Pepe
Cacio e Pepe

The pasta was soo fresh and light and actually had taste and texture. We ordered the bucatini, cacao e pepe with pecorino romano…amazing ($16.95).

Sonny's Favorite
Sonny’s Favorite

David was blown away by the food and ordered another pizza…Sonny’s Favorite with grilled Niman slab bacon which he removed and I devoured…mozzarella, tomato, onion and grans padano completed the pie ($16.75).

I could only handle half a piece so we took it home for breakfast. You cannot beat cold pizza in the A.M.

Soft Serve
Soft Serve

Courtney Storer, who came over from her chef duties at Animal, sent over a serving of Strauss family salted caramel and chocolate swirl soft serve and espresso soaked tiramisu, both stellar.

A confidant and personable chef in the kitchen is a real plus…she seems to really have her sh_t together.


We loved the knowledgeable and personable sommelier, Julia, who grew up in Zimbabwe. Her family now resides in South Africa so she and David had a lot to discuss. I also put in my two cents regarding how wonderful the food is in South Africa.


We chose a kick ass Bordeaux for only $38, Chateau Le Bergy. It was velvety and smooth with a great finish from Helen’s Wines which is located strategically inside the restaurant.

Helen has run the wine programs for Shook and Dotolo’s restaurants over the years and is now bringing her selections into a retail space inside Jon & Vinny’s restaurant.

Jon & Vinny’s staff rocks and the food is deceptively simple, yet nuanced.

Shook and Dotolo have achieved their goal of a classic, laid back family pizza joint like they grew up with. From my vast, personal east coast pizza experience, Jon & Vinny’s is definitely better dressed than your typical neighborhood pizzeria.

Bop on over. You will not be disappointed. They cook just like grandma with a modern twist.

Interior, Jon & Vinny's
Jon & Vinny Interior

Jon & Vinny’s 412 North Fairfax Los Angeles, California. Open daily 8am-10pm. Reservations are essential. Street parking available.


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