Jimmy Kimmel Live Plus 1…



I haven’t been in the heart of LaLaLand for ages.

It’s been so long that TCL Chinese Theatre, formerly known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, looked inconsequential, dwarfed by much larger structures.

We made our way to Jimmy Kimmel Live which is its own fortress on bustling Hollywood Boulevard, filled with talented people.

Josh Halloway

One standout is our favorite male millennial, Josh Halloway, Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue muse and overall good guy.

I picked him up a decade ago on a jetBlue flight from NYC to LA.

He was working on Cougar Town and has made a rapid ascent to a well respected, talented writer.

Green Room

We made our way to the Green Room which has changed since the days I brought talent to talk shows.

In the old days, a Green Room, was literally a small dull green room with a pitcher of water, soft drinks and minimal tiny bites, stale bagels and generic cream cheese.

Kimmel’s Green Room had multiple big screens, bar top seating, plush couches, along with an open bar and a pupu platter of hot and cold edibles.

Josh came down from his vibrant, gilded tower that he shares with Kimmel and a staff of social media gurus.

We watched his newly minted, hilarious monologue expertly delivered by Kimmel.

Next up the grand tour.

I noticed a Huey Lewis and the News platinum album on the wall and discovered that Huey and Jimmy were best buds…small world as I was Huey’s publicist for years and years.

Roosevelt Hotel

We then proceeded to the bar at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to imbibe adult beverages and a few appetizers.

We talked until Josh was needed back on set.

Josh and my daughter Courtny are friends, as well.

I must have a young spirit because I adore spending time with Courtny and her cronies.

A peek behind the curtain brought back many memories.

A shout out to Josh for his Hollywood hospitality.

That’s a wrap.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

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