I’ve Got Game…


I am inspired.

I watched a “senior” tennis player win last night.

In sports years, Serena is an oldie, but a goodie as she turns 38 this month.

Serena’s quarterfinal win motivated me to order a groovy tennis outfit and a pair of Stan Smith tennis shoes.

I also went old school and ordered a pair of ruffled panties…give the court a thrill.

I plan on going over to the high school and seek out a pick up game.

The athletic cougar still has game.

Perhaps I can revert back to ten years ago when I could dominate the court.

I may just call up my friend Jim Courier and see if he will put me on his Senior Circuit.

Worse case scenario, I may be able to qualify for a ball girl position.

The outfit must be seen.

Hope springs eternal.


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