It’s A Wrap…

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Yesterday, was the last hurrah.

The wallpaper guru showed up at 8am and papered the second bedroom and guest bathroom.

The arduous journey has ended. Except for awaiting commissioned living room artwork and collecting a few treasures from our prior homestead in San Francisco which are stored in my mother’s attic in Connecticut, I can declare our renovation a wrap.

The wallpaper maven is very eccentric. Idle chatter is out. He does not break for sustenance or nature calling. He is definitely an artist and a focused worker.

Mark has been wallpapering seven days a week for decades. His father manufactured wallpaper so I assume this line of work is his destiny.

The process is fascinating. I appreciate his advanced planning as my patterns are busy and it is all about aligning the design.

According to the powers that be, wallpaper is back in fashion as a versatile decoration. Initially, I wanted to paper the powder room to add a bit of pizzazz in order to deflect what I believed to be a flaw. I did not like the way Mr. Dick, our heinous contractor, matched up the countertop and the backsplash.

As with most men when you want to have a constructive dialogue, they deflect from the issue at hand. Decorating wise, I replicated that male behavior as I wanted to deflect from what appeared to be mismatched granite.

Pop Up Wallpaper Workshop
Pop Up Wallpaper Workshop

My living room was turned into a pop up wallpaper workshop. No issues, Mark was fastidious.

After a long day, the deed was done.

Here is the transformation. I love this part. It reminds me of the makeover TV shows Before and After segments.

Partial Re Do
Partial Re Do

Ta Da….

Finished Powder Room
Finished Powder Room

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