It Takes A Village…

NYC Marathon Finish Line

I live by the finish line for the NYC Marathon.

It is Normal Life Interruptus for weeks before the day of the marathon.

It takes a village to construct the Marathon village.

There are presently so many participants that the original hospitality tent has grown into a massive two story Prefab building with metal girders and floor to ceiling windows.

I ask the powers that be to leave it up so that we can move in…geographically desirable, Fabulous Central Park views, abundant square footage, cathedral ceilings…such a deal.

55,000 participants are expected from all over the world to run in Sunday’s race.

Yesterday, English was not heard in the Park. Hundreds of runners were practicing in packs, enthusiastically speaking their native tongue.

NYC Marathon Retail Store
NYC Marathon Retail Store

Merchandise was flying out of the Central Park store.

The viewing stands are erected, the finish line completed, the trash cans are gone due to fear of terrorism, most of the park is now fenced off.

I must say it is nice to see humanity mesh and come together with a healthy common goal attained through hope, sweat and joy.

Now, I just wish tourists and runners would stop asking me if America has gone mad.

Let’s just hope and pray that Trump never crosses the finish line.

NYC Marathon Entrance
NYC Marathon Entrance




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