It Never Rains In Southern California…

Touched down in Los Angeles and it was raining. The nerve of Albert Hammond to incorrectly forecast in the huge hit song, “It Never Rains In Southern California”. After the rain is the most beautiful time here. All is clear and sparkling and you fall in love with LaLaLand.

The streets and shopping malls are riddled  with women wearing Uggs as the Storm Watch texts have been sent. Storm Watch and Amber Alerts share equal importance in Southern California.

LA Storm Watch Attire

TV ratings spike as all the pubescent males turn on the TV to view weather porn in the guise of the local weather girls. (Seriously, they are meteorologists?!)

In LA the weather ‘ho’s wear tight clothing as well as plunging necklines as if the same costume designer who dresses Sofia Vergara on, Modern Family, also has a side gig attiring the Los Angeles weather girls and their “girls”. Who the hell dresses that way at 6am in the morning, unless you are doing the walk of shame?!

KNBC Weather Girl, Elita Moresca

Now, on to my next natural disaster. The NY Winless Giants are on the NFL Network tonight playing the Chicago Bears. Talk about raining on my parade. I publish tomorrow morning so their fate will already have been sealed. At this point, let’s just aim for the #1 draft pick in 2014. 0-16 has a lovely ring to it.

At least when I am on the road over Thanksgiving, I won’t have to scour foreign cities for a sports bar that carries American football…more time to sightsee and shop. Sure, as if (instead of like) I would ever miss a Giants game, no matter how horrendous they are.

**I hope this information won’t dampen your spirits. Circle November 9th…D Day for the move to a devilishly fantastic new site. It will be hotter than hell and feverishly good. will debut in 1 month. Don’t sweat it…leave that to me  and my techie genius, Kit!



  1. David Catzel says:

    T…. Wonderful stuff from the devilishly fertile and steamy mind of Ms. T

  2. David Catzel says:

    T…. Wonderful stuff from the devilishly fertile and steamy mind of Ms. T

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