It Keeps You Running…

The leaves are turning in Central Park.

The fountain at Bethesda Terrace is still flowing, the drinking fountains are still spilling tasty NYC water and the planters are brimming with beautiful flowers.

I am delighted to see all these Park perks still functioning.

For years I have written to the Central Park Conservancy to query why they shut down these highlights before the big race.

They finally woke up.

Three days after the Marathon the city is still buzzing with accomplished NYC marathoners who are sporting their large gold hardware around their necks.

I cannot even fathom how much revenue the city has secured with 50,000 runners and their posses roaming the city.

Instead of seeing the mayor out at night looking dapper and denying any administration corruption, I would love to see him direct the city officials to invest the Marathon treasure trove (over $50 million in race funds go to charity) in our broken infrastructure, repairing our third world streets and avenues, find a solid plan to fill all the empty storefronts and vacant office spaces and do something about the homelessness.

Yesterday, I walked up Fifth Avenue from 47th Street to the Central Park entrance at 60th Street and witnessed way too many sick, strung out people sprawled across sidewalks.

The NYC Marathon is iconic.

It is the world’s largest marathon and has come a long way since its inaugural 1970 race with just 127 runners when the winners took home wristwatches and recycled trophies.

We now put on our best face, but sadly, underneath the cover up to diffuse imperfections, there is a ruined complexion.

We all know that “These streets will make you feel brand new…
Big lights will inspire you” so get busy, New York City, and let’s rejuvenate this timeless beauty.

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