It Just Doesn”t Get Better Than This…

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The day unfolded shrouded in coastal fog.

Courtny and I took Berkeley, the miracle dog, for a 5 mile walk. Our Super Dog has rebounded again. She was literally on death’s door last weekend, but a dose of antibiotics and Berkeley’s back.

Madison joined the festivities and she was also given a clean bill of health by the dermatologist. No more lengthy bi-weekly jaunts to Pasadena. Our canines have more doctor’s appointments than the 2 legged inhabitants in our home.

I just did not anticipate the weekend getting any better and then the sun broke through. We hopped into Courtny’s new BMW convertible and took to the PCH, headed towards Nirvana…translation, Malibu.

We all had our NY Giants caps on to keep our locks looking lovely while we cruised the coastal highway.


We were starving after our respective workouts and headed to Taverna Tony’s for Greek salad, grilled octopus and grilled eggplant. We settled  in and were lunching on the divine bougainvillea covered patio at Tony’s.


I glanced up and my breath caught in my throat as in waltzed the co-owner of my beloved NY Football Giants, Steve Tisch. He acknowledged our allegiance and moved on to a nearby table.

The owner, Tony, came over to say that Mr. Tisch was impressed with our apparel.  I told Tony that I was the biggest Giants fan in the universe and was heading back to NY to check in on training camp.

The message was conveyed and Tony returned with Mr. Tisch’s business card. I trembled as I ran my finger over the embossed Giants logo…be still my heart.

Dear reader, you have to realize that I have met and worked with major celebrities, athletes, politicians, business moguls and rock stars… nothing in this world sends me over the edge like anyone associated with the Giants.

I die for this team and they don’t even know who the hell I am!

Well, at least I am not addicted to drugs or alcohol just large men in red, white and blue tight pants.

On our way out, we stopped to chat with Mr. Tisch and ended up having a long conversation with this charming and gracious man. He not only sports several Super Bowl rings, but he has an Oscar for Forrest Gump.

When he says, “come up and see my trophies” he delivers the goods.

I am now up to speed on Hakeem Nicks groin, the #1 draft choice, Justin Pugh’s concussion, Victor Cruz’ expectations for the season after signing his lucrative contract, JPP’s (Jason Pierre Paul) back and expected return, David Diehl’s chances of keeping his starting position on the offensive line, Kiwi’s (Mathias Kiwanuka) shift to DE (defensive end)….To boot, he invited us to watch a game in his suite during the season.

It just doesn’t get better than this! I immediately called my mother to share the news as she has witnessed, firsthand, my lifelong passion!

Coincidentally, Friday night we did our usual drive by at BOA to sip martinis with April. A lovely gentleman offered to move down a seat so David and I could both perch at the bar.

I sensed professional athlete and lo and behold, it was Jamie Dukes, former offensive lineman for the Atlanta Falcons and NFL Network analyst. We spent the next hour talking football…what a way to kick off the weekend!

If the day could get any better, I found a $250 cashmere sweater reduced at J.Crew to $49.00 and we also purchased some beautiful items at James Perse in the Malibu Country Mart.

The store is so gorgeous. I dream of moving in and setting up house there. They even have a community ping pong table so non-shoppers have a distraction while the retail therapists indulge themselves.


Satiated in every respect, we began the journey back to Santa Monica. No traffic, the sun was shining, the top was down and the dogs were smiling (I must remember to brush their teeth)…life is good and, in our instant gratification society, it just doesn’t get better than this.


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