Isn’t She Lovely…

New York City is breathtaking on a perfect June day.

Light breeze, no humidity, puppies are prancing, New Yorkers are smiling, some have even shed their black ensembles and are shockingly strutting in color, Central Park is sparkling.

The doctor just pronounced me cancer free from all my Mohs surgeries.

I sat on a park bench and thought how great things can be…freeze the moment.

I lazed on a Central Park dedicated bench, listening to WFAN and basked in the satisfying ability to hear the immediate scoop on the NY Yankees and NY Giants.

My daughter is only a stone’s throw away and my husband and doggie are even closer.

My apartment is clean, laundry done and at this moment I have no immediate obligations.

It’s a great day to be a Manhattanite.


  1. Ellie lupo says:

    💜 sounds like all good!!!a happy to be alive day….no rain…temp. Perfect. Glad to hear about your moms event. I am going through that now……….as we sat in the sun years past who knew.💜

    • Oh no. Do you have to have Mohs surgery? I went for another body check yesterday. Had 4 more biopsies. Never ending! Hope you are ok!

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