Is That All There Is…

Moulin Rouge.

Lots of chatter in the theater pipeline.

Initially, I did not want to see it, but the hype and word of mouth got to me so I took the bait.

Wow, was I disappointed.

The positive points.

The sets and music were fabulous.

Aaron Tveit was magnetic.

The Moulin Rouge opening is appealing and the second act opening number is stunning.

End positivity.

Karen Olivo’s understudy, Ashley Loren, can sing, but her acting skills are weak and her dancing or lack there of is pathetic.

I felt like I was watching a Dick Clark Bandstand special.

The score features 70 chart toppers from the past few decades.

The second act has too much talking.

The book is beyond trite and the Absinthe dream sequence is more of a nightmare.

And, Roxanne, please turn off your red light and exit stage left.

The last five minutes are reminiscent of Mamma Mia where the cast performs a mash up of the greatest hits from the show and provides a good time musical theatre moment.

Moulin Rouge is analogous to a moment with a vibrator.

There’s a brief interlude of ecstasy and then you realize that’s all there is.


  1. you’re the best.

  2. Beth Martin says:

    So sorry you missed Karen Olivo. She was fabulous. There were some boring parts but I thought those song snippets were clever and sent me back to happy memories.

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