Is it 5pm Yet?!…

Did you ever have a week where you just keep checking your watch to see if it is 5pm?

As the days roll by, I compromise and deduce that it must be 5pm somewhere in the world.

Time for a glass of red or bubbly.

Just sitting down, relaxing, letting the load loose, maybe a divine crudite, guacamole or edamame to go with the adult beverage makes for a real highlight.

Cravings for me are regional.

I never really have a strong desire for a cocktail in Los Angeles.

In New York, it is so much a part of the culture.

We hit up intriguing restaurants (happy hours are great in NYC) as one tends to eat out with more frequency in Manhattan since schlepping groceries and continuous cooking in small spaces is challenging.

You cannot use the same rationale in LA.

A car is a necessity just like breathing so it is a schlep free zone, grocery stores are huge and appealing and kitchens are generally enormous….all adding up to no legit excuses.

When in France, it is just part of the culture, meaning people indulge from noon on and no one ever questions the drinking culture.

By the way, I have a fantastic wine recommendation.

If red is your thing, try Abstract by Orin Swift which is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Petite Sirah.

The red and dark fruits pop in your mouth. The wine is incredibly smooth with a big, round velvety feel.

Cheers….it’s 5 somewhere.

Abstract by Orin Swift

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