Intoxicating Abstract Realities…

bruce fruit loops

It is possible to meet interesting people on an airplane.

Who knew that a flight from Puno to Lima, Peru could pave the way to a talented, artistic couple.

Pertinent information was exchanged and we discussed  a future rendezvous.

bruce burgundy

When the invitation to the exhibit, Abstract Realities, arrived we jumped at the chance to witness Bruce Miller’s talent up close and personal.

Abstract Realities showcases Miller’s sculptures, photography and paintings. It is sponsored by Building Bridge International Art Exchange which was established in 2005 and is dedicated to the promotion of national and international contemporary artists, providing a variety of international art exchanges, artists residencies and workshop programs.

bruce sign

Last Saturday was the Los Angeles opening at Bergamot Art Center in Santa Monica which is a very busy complex, exhibiting new, innovative artwork.

bruce marble

The site was previously a railroad station from 1875 to 1953, serving the Los Angeles and Independence Railroad and later the Santa Monica Air Line.

bruce yellow and green

Bruce’s art is fascinating. The shapes, colors and concepts are elegant and intoxicating. Miller uses polished and powder coated aluminum in his sculpture because it is light, easy to cut and responds well.

bruce emory board

I wanted to cross the imaginary line and touch and feel the shiny metal accented in high gloss, appealing colors which command your attention.

bruce feather

Bruce is very accessible and hands on. He began his artistic journey in photography and only began sculpting in 2009.

“Every piece is its own and they are really the result of an emotion that I have tried to make physical.”

bruce fruit loops2
Artist Bruce Miller with Froot Loops

I must admit to gorging on his Froot Loops triptych.

Apparently, it took Laura and Bruce four long days to separate out the pieces to provide Bruce with the raw material for his composition. He kept running back to the grocery store to scoop up more boxes of the sugary breakfast treat.

bruce bacon

Bruce does not like to label or intrepret his work. He leaves that up to the individual. It touched my soul and made me smile…mission accomplished.

His work invokes feelings of happiness. I viscerally experienced the same feeling witnessing his art as when I hear a great song for the first time. An indescribable feeling overwhelms me and as Huey Lewis would say after an extemely satisying concert, “I feel in the pocket.”

bruce red

Do yourself a favor, take a little time out of your day and reward yourself visually, emotionally and intellectually and witness Bruce Miller’s captivating exhibit. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

His impressive work is on display through December 15th.

bruce blue

Building Bridges Art Exchange Building F2 Bergamot Station Arts Center 2525 Michigan Avenue Santa Monica, California. Open Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 11am-5:30pm. Price list available at the gallery.


  1. It looks delightful- will it come to New York?

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