In light of the Jewish New Year and the holiest day of the year today, I hope that everyone experiences a happy, sweet year.

There is so much hatred and prejudice permeating the world…let’s all virtually cleanse and start anew.

Squeeze those lemons and make refreshing lemonade.

I am taking a deep cleansing breath and channeling mutual respect, kindness and generosity of spirit.

While fasting and enduring a headache and bad breath I need to focus on the latest issues such as peace in Ukraine, jail time for Agent Orange, a Democratic victory in the midterms, women’s rights in Iran, peace on the streets of NYC and in the subway, good health, aid to hurricane victims and climate change action.

May I also be inscribed in the Sports Good Book and pray for winning vibes for the NY Giants and playoff bound  NY Yankees so that I can experience a sweet, calm life and give my family a break.

Amen and Happy New Year.

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