In the midst of all the chaos in America I read about yet another tragedy.

Tuesday, the trump administration overturned an Obama-era rule that barred hunters in Alaska national preserves from baiting bear traps or killing denning bear cubs, wolf pups, coyotes and hunting of swimming caribou from motorboats, practices that have been condemned by environmental and wildlife protection agencies.

My heart broke.

It is just another indication how a president who is devoid of compassion while consumed by greed, hatred and a lack of respect for the environment,  destroys everything good in this country.

I assume this latest inhumane action is to pander to Donny Junior’s heartless passion for hunting.

Remember Princess Ivanka saying she could not influence her father?

Douchie Donny apparently can.

Clearly, he has failed to use his influence to do good.

Anyway, in less then 30 days the slaughtering commences.

Expanding hunting rights on federal lands has been a priority under the Humpty Trumpty administration and an issue championed by his son who like his father is an avid hunter (BIG Daddy hunts humans).

Fun times…in February the Safari Club International, which promotes big-game hunting, auctioned a weeklong “dream hunt” through Alaska with the president’s son as part of its annual convention.

The winning bids, totaling $340,000, were awarded to two hunters affording them the opportunity to stay on a yacht with Donny and join the hunting of black-tailed deer and sea ducks in Alaska.

I would sell my home and slap down major bucks to lead the party if the “dream hunt” is amended to Good Will Hunting Donny the Douche.

And while we are making amends can’t Congress repeal the Secret Service protection for Agent Orange’s selfish, spoiled parasites?

Donny took a hunting trip to Mongolia last summer that cost taxpayers $76,859.36 predominantly for Secret Service coverage.

Argali Sheep

He killed an Argali, a rare species of endangered sheep.

A permit for the killing was retroactively issued after Donny Douche met with the country’s president.

It was also uncovered that he was accompanied on the hunt by a Republican donor who works in the oil and gas industry.

Stop the madness in November…Vote these savages out.

The whole lot of them should become endangered species.


*Photo Credit: Getty Images/Copyright: Marc_Latremouille


  1. One more horrible thing.

  2. How do we protest this injustice?
    Could we make just as much noise as the one going on now,?
    Humans have choices, these amazing wild animals are as you correctly stated “indefensible “

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