Incredible L’industrie Pizzeria…NYC Restaurant Reviews


The pull was tremendous.

I have been craving L’industrie Pizzeria for a long time. I just never made it to Brooklyn to indulge.

The pizzeria just opened on Christopher Street in the west village.

Rumor has it there is always a block long line.

We did a drive by in the pouring rain.

There were only three people standing in the rain so I jumped out of the car while my personal driver double parked.

 It is a cute little place with exposed brick and room to sit and savor your slices.

The kitchen is busy and ample size.

I ordered one Burrata slice ($5.50), White Pizza ($3.50) and a Tartufi Truffled Mushroom ($5).

I love that they zhuzh the slice after it comes hot out of the oven, adding large basil leaves, ample portions of Burrata, dressing the one slice with truffle oil and topping each off with freshly grated Parmesan.

We ate in the car reenacting a date night from 40 years ago.

The slices come on paper plates with crisp, naturally leavened crusts and ample toppings like burrata and pepperoni.

The crust is thin and crunchy, the tomato sauce complimentary not overwhelming with beautiful fresh cheeses and basil.

The Manhattan restaurant is the first expansion for owner Massimo Laveglia, who opened L’industrie Pizzeria in Williamsburg in 2017.

L’industrie Pizzeria is fricking great pizza.

Desserts looked stellar, too.

L’industrie Pizzeria 104 Christopher Street New York City. Open daily 12-10pm.

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