In The Bag…

Not much makes sense these days.

One conundrum is who takes a pocketbook to a protest or marches in heels?!

Only that bastion of inappropriateness and ineffectiveness, first daughter, Ivanka trump.

Everything bothered me last Monday during the nonviolent Washington D.C. demonstration when federal police cleared a path for the Agent Orange photo op at the St. John’s Episcopal Church near the White House.

The police used rubber bullets, flash bangs and chemical agents on peaceful protesters.

Ivanka, allegedly the creator of the holy photo op, used her weapon of choice, the Bible which she carried in her Max Mara $1,540 white bag.

Personally, the bag is definitely not worth the price, but the white bread and mayonnaise style most definitely appeals to the Waspy soul of the convert.

I would honestly say that no discerning retail therapist would select that bland bag even if white is de rigueur after Memorial Day.

Let us not forget the holy grail that you do not carry a white bag with black shoes…sacrilege!

Trump lofted up the bible and did little else just like Ivanka usually does.

Understandably, the Italian luxury brand hasn’t sent out any press releases to tout the event.

Fashion houses often do that when one of their items makes a prominent public appearance, but employing class and good taste, Max Mara took a knee.

Ivanka, lay down your bag, kick off the heels, take a knee and finally stand for something.

*Photo: JimHeath.TV


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