In A Manner Of Speaking…

I miss nice people.

I miss manners…now I know why my mother was such a stickler for etiquette.

Remember the smile and wave in acknowledgment of allowing a car to merge into your lane?

How about standing to the side to let a pedestrian pass when the sidewalk is blocked and the person responds in kind.

Passing it forward. I used to pay for a coffee for a person I was amicably chatting with in line or before tolls cost the same as lunch in a nice restaurant springing for the car behind me in the tollbooth lane.

Decency is rare nowadays.

Showing respect to restaurant servers has disappeared along with eye contact.

Being civil on an airplane is no longer a no brainer…bring back tradition.

Wearing a mask and being vaccinated should be a given and a gesture of decency to your fellow human…now it’s a political stand.

Getting up for a senior on a crowded subway and relinquishing your seat…soon I will be on the lookout for a gracious commuter!

How about apologizing when a dog off leash attacks your leashed pet.

Walking on the sidewalk and looking up from your phone before walking into an innocent passerby.

Loyal friends are a dying art. Supposed friends who stab you in the back for their own personal gain should be crucified.

Last night we left a restaurant because not only were the people next to us doing individual Zoom meetings on their respective computers, one was biting their nails and spitting them out and the other was eating each French fry like a rabbit noshing on a carrot.

Please be kind and courteous to one another.

If bell bottoms, tie dye and pointed, long, vibrantly colored nails can make a comeback so can manners.

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  1. right on!!!!!!! a sadly different world.

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