Ifs, Ands & Butts…

Another day, another doctor’s appointment.

Yesterday, it was a powwow about my colon.

I met this lovely guy which brought to mind my morality code.

I have never put out on the first date or experienced a one night stand.

Nevertheless, on our first real date, after a moment of small talk, I will be naked and he will be up my butt.

Funny, I never give this particular no holds barred interaction a second thought, yet, under different circumstances, I would never consider rolling over for just anyone.

This whole colonoscopy experience sucks…fasting for 24 hours, imbibing 3 laxatives until your tank is empty.

A 6am rendezvous.

I guess I will focus on the cleanse in anticipation of bathing suit season.

For $200 extra dollars, I am treating myself to a refreshing 20 minute nap.

I am flush with anticipation.




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  1. Hope all okay!

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