If This Is It…

I still do not feel as if life has returned to normal…whatever that is.

I confess to being a bit unsteady and reticent.

Laying on a gorgeous island in Mexico for two weeks was a fantastical transition from hermit to dipping my toe into the reality pond.

I am now back in Coronaville and I wear my mask indoors, especially while staying in Florida.

I went into a store yesterday and the salesperson wasn’t vaccinated. I was pissed off and came home and fumigated.

He admitted to being the only person in the store unvaccinated. His associate’s brother died from Covid this week so there’s that!

I asked him if he eats Chicken McNuggets and he said he loves them…why?

I mentioned if he can eat that crap then he can surely succumb to the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine entering his bloodstream!

If this is it…the New Normal then I’ll just go with it.

Relax and enjoy the weekend.

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