Icelandic Dining As Appealing As the Scenery…

Sjavarborg Restaurant in Hvammstangi Serving Amazing Icelandic Cuisine

I don’t know how many of you have contemplated visiting Iceland, but this gorgeous, visually exciting country should be on your bucket list.

Sjavarborg Restaurant must be part of the trip.


We had heard from so many people that traversing Iceland is a remarkable experience, but the food is expensive and not very good.

Sjavarborg Restaurant dispels the rumor.

The location is beautiful, situated in North Iceland on the Vatnsnes Peninsula.

The peninsula’s only town is, Hvammstangi, home to the restaurant.

Fish Drying In Town

The interior of the peninsula is mountainous, but the shore blends wild coastline with fertile grazing land for the abundance of horses and sheep, along with a large seal population.

Sjavarborg’s location affords diners the opportunity to observe seals playing in the background as you enjoy fabulous Icelandic cuisine.

Chef Ingvar Olafsson

Ingvar Olafsson is a friendly, skilled chef who runs an efficient, creative kitchen.

Fresh Caught Icelandic Flounder

The special of the day was a fabulous Icelandic favorite, fish and chips…the main ingredient being a freshly caught flounder.

Mussels & Lagostines

Courtny and I ordered an unbelievable Mussel and Langoustine dish that was heaping with fresh local seafood, topped with fabulous homemade garlic bread in an amazing broth ($15.50).

The side of fresh sweet potato fries were perfection ($7).

David selected a hearty, rich Fish Soup with langoustine, scallops, salmon, and prawns ($24).

David finished his meal with an infused vodka cocktail with fresh oranges and rosemary. It was smooth and refreshing…the perfect accent to a tantalizing, very affordable lunch.

We often paid over $50 for local arctic char and potatoes (even at gas stations). The locally caught fish was very good, but it did not hold a candle to the cuisine at Sjavarborg.

The sophisticated, minimal modern decor is inviting.

Sjavarborg Bar

The bar is concrete. The cement was made from rocks and gravel from the shore beneath the restaurant.

Sjavarborg was a former slaughterhouse and has been creatively transformed into an appealing dining spot.

Mussel floats have been made into light fixtures and the heavy dining tables are constructed from reclaimed wood.

The very capable and friendly staff also whip up delicious homemade desserts daily.

I found the restaurant more appealing than Michelin star, Dill, located in the capitol city of Reykjavik.

Sjavarborg is a must when visiting Iceland and no matter what route you take, the scenery is devastatingly beautiful.

Sjavarborg Hafnarbraut 4. Hvammstangi, Iceland. Open Daily 11am-10pm.


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