I Wish I Knew How To Quit You…

How long can you stay in a painful, disappointing relationship before you opt out?

After a very long and tumultuous love affair I am really questioning the emotional toll it has taken on me.

The last three years have been more then challenging.

The pain never seems to dissipate especially when the leaves are turning and fall bleeds into winter.

The gut wrenching highs and lows, the superstition, the repetition of the same rituals.

If my marriage was as challenging as my love affair with the New York Giants I would have been divorced long ago and happily be leading a new life in a more mutually harmonious relationship.

Damn it, New York Giants, I wish I knew how to quit you.



  1. imagine if you were a Fly Eagles Fan!!!!!!!

  2. poor poor you……..

    I understand. have been watching the Celtics low low years,but ….aha….they are coming back..try and gave faith.their day will dawn again!

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