I Need A Lover Who Won’t Drive Me Crazy…

Love never dies a natural death, especially when it involves sports.

It is an abusive relationship…despite amazing highs there are excruciating lows, deep seated pain, endless forgiveness, patience and great expense.

I have just been confronted by an ugly, stark reality.

I never thought I would be completely turned off to the New York Yankees, but the day has arrived.

They are unwatchable.

Boring, uninspired, predictable, lacking charisma, culminating in hitless overpaid athletes.

They are a complete turn off and yet I have been reticent to give up on the Yankees still watching every disappointing game.

Football preseason has just commenced so I comb the press and social media for good news regarding my absolute, lifetime true love, the NY Giants.

The roster has been beefed up, but the leader of the pack is still a boring, uncharismatic, underachiever named Daniel Jones.

Looks like all my love and admiration will be transferred to and laser focused on my husband and doggie this season.

Sports has disappointed me recently almost as much as politics, interest rates, crime in NYC and climate control.

Sure, those that are not sports fanatics will think this is a gross overexaggeration.

If these teams have been an important part of your life since childhood then you must understand that the Yankees and the Giants are family to me.

I never miss a Giants game. I even drove to  training camp in humid 90 degree weather in upstate New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to watch preseason practice. I kept scrapbooks. I recorded games on my little yellow Sony tape recorder doing play by play. I attended Giants functions always being the only little girl in a sea of sweaty boys.

This was the way I bonded with my father.

I love these teams, especially the Giants more than I love most people…the devotion has never waned in more than six decades.

Do not think that this is isn’t painful and like the heatwave, there is little hope for immediate relief.

Tennis anyone?!😎

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