I Love You Just The Way You Are (mostly)…

Today is our 35th wedding anniversary.

Wow, when my parent’s friends celebrated an inflated number like 35, I thought they were older than dirt.

Now that I have reached my dirt anniversary, I completely shy away from my immature, ill informed opinion.

We are just getting started…life could not be sweeter.

I never thought about marriage, children, a house with a white picket fence.

I figured it would all happen, but it was never part of my daily consciousness.

I must admit to being engaged in a really groovy relationship for decades with only minimal regrets…why can’t he be as passionately invested in the NY Giants and NY Yankees as I am?!

And, tantamount to our relationship, we created the most amazing daughter…namely our beautiful, kind, generous, smart, successful and all around nearly perfect human…Courtny.

Like a fine wine, our marriage keeps getting better with age.

I raise a glass to my best friend and admittedly hot husband on our 35th wedding anniversary.


  1. Beth Martin says:

    Happy Anniversary. You are both loving, attuned to each other and fun—- plus you’re combined spirits produced the fabulous and very generous Courtney. Bravo. May you have another 35 years of grateful abundance.

  2. Lisa and Wayne says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you both many more blissful years !!

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