I Can See Clearly Now…

Today, a serene Wednesday in late summer, my life is happy and rewarding and do not overlook, organized.

I am a noted Neat & Clean Freak.

I am forever reorganizing while I daily partake in the role of domestic engineer which has extended into 15 years of assiduous cleaning without the assistance of  paid housekeeping personnel.

I definitely earn my keep.

A daily conundrum…I can never find my glasses of any sort.

Yesterday, I unearthed 3 pairs of glasses.

One, a gorgeous pair of Tom Ford, a pair of divine Valentino that my husband surprised me with and a fabulous red vintage Alexander McQueen.

This came about because I was sick and tired of scrounging around and then, in frustration, just grabbing the same darn pair.

So I lowered the boom and ripped my closet apart collecting all glass cases.

Thank you Amazon for selling a great sectioned box for glasses for $19.99 with a clear glass top.

I am so excited.

I am totally organized and all glasses are easily accessible and on display.

Pure joy for an eyewear fanatic.

Cannot wait to buy another container to organize New York.

It’s like Christmas, discovering all these long forgotten gems.

It is the little victories in life!


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  1. Laurie Tcath Sterling says:

    I have one for my sunglasses!🕶

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