Househusband of America…

Talk about a reality show.

The Michael Cohen hearing has exposed everything…threats, lies, fraud, money laundering, sex, infidelity.

The star, the President of the United States aka Househusband of America, is a scheming, lying autocratic, self-serving scumbag.

Bravo, Humpty Trumpty, you have all that every reality star dreams of…power, fame, fortune, free lodging, transportation and all the food you can stuff into that vile pie hole.

Agent Orange’s supporting cast consists of an unappealing bunch of vindictive, predominantly unattractive, middle-aged, self involved white guys who could care less about truth and more about protecting partisan interests.


During the reunion finale Cohen held up under questioning.

Interesting statement to the partisan politicians…”I was doing for Trump what you are doing for him now.”

Funny, I find Cohen speaking from a position of moral authority compared to these uncaring congressmen who had not one ounce of curiosity about Russia interfering in America’s presidential election.

Isn’t this the party that ignited McCarthyism in the 1950s and the condemnation of Reds or communists in America?!

Politics in the U.S. is pathetic.

The swamp isn’t being drained…it is overflowing with scum and corruption.

Obviously, the country’s well being and worldwide reputation doesn’t matter…it is all about partisan politics.

The hearing participants took a break to vote on expanding background checks for guns.

GOP, food for thought when you reconvene…don’t shoot the messenger.

Take advantage of the background check on the president that Cohen is providing and follow through.

Cohen’s loyalty to Trump cost him everything.

Let’s hope it doesn’t cost America everything, as well.

*photo: daily beast


  1. Terrifically expressed!

  2. yup! sadly

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