Hot & Heavy Handed…

Lately, I feel as if I am residing in a Third World country.

We are now ruled by a dictatorship which is supported by sycophantic old white men who are buttressing trump’s autocratic beliefs for purely selfish reasons.

Not one ruling party member other than John McCain puts America’s interests first.

Along with the weather which feels as if we are living in the debilitating humidity of Vietnam, Panama or the Amazon, I am in a constant state of suppression and suffocation both physically and mentally.

I can only reference the weather in New York City, but the last fews weeks have been intolerable.

Walking around the block is a challenge.

The dogs do not even want to venture into Central Park.

I have to constantly remember to carry the Bounty to mop up after myself.

The heat and humidity combined with the politic rhetoric leaves me feeling disoriented and unsettled, wondering if this once land of the free, home to endless possibilities, is on the brink of war with Iran or North Korea and no longer a safe haven.

I am heading to California this week searching for low humidity and some peace of mind, although the blazing fires have ignited concern as well as being  geographically positioned within shooting distance of an ICBM attack by North Korea.

I didn’t start the fire, but I sure do feel the heat.

artwork:Lasha Darkmoon

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