Honey, Where’s The…

I am done with house tours.

I will go out on a limb and say that anyone in any kind of relationship whether it be a life partner, mother and daughter/son, live in lover or roommate can relate to my conundrum.

Specifically, my husband never knows where the scissors lie in wait…both the Big pair as well as the manicure scissors.

The Big pair have been hangin’ in the knife block on the kitchen counter for years.

The little scissors sleep in the medicine cabinet, same exact spot, same length of shelf life.

I could list other habitual mystery items and their permanent locations, but I do not want to appear petty.

My father must have asked my mother 1000 times if there was any bread in the house…the bread box had not relocated in 40 years and counting.

Anyway, yesterday, after being queried again, I officially announced my retirement from in-house tours.

Since I am a bottom line woman, I suggested he either photograph the items in their permanent resting place and keep said photos in a “Scissors File” on his iPhone or buy his own scissors and other various and sundry objects and be solely responsible for their specific living quarters.




  1. I totally see your side.
    Lol, I think it’s one of those childhood glitches that never go away. A mother that did everything for you. ( my experience)
    To me, it is about the mind making believe that is a way to feel loved . Many times I know the answer , before I know I find myself asking.
    To me, unconsciously asking for love. Expecting the other person to lovingly be there to hold my hand. To perhaps say, can I get them for you?
    The mind is saying, you love me, I need your help. I need you.
    I am helpless without you, love me. Just saying.

  2. Love this, but suspect my wife will love it even more.

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