Home Alone…

Home alone.

I have never completely outgrown my uneasiness about sleeping all by myself.

I had a scary experience when I was a tween…an escaped mental patient ended up on our doorstep while my parents were out.

During an unexpected snowstorm I became a prisoner in my own home until the police finally showed up in force.

I find myself on my own this week and my line of defense in a security building is to lug the living room sofa across the room and barricade the double locked front door with the couch.

The effect is two-pronged.

My low budget security system makes me feel more secure since I am without protective puppies and secondly, it motivates me to vacuum behind large pieces of furniture.

There is good to be gained in all situations.

Of course, I woke up on the other side of the bed this morning and had no idea where I was since the scenery on the left side of the bedroom is completely different from my usual right sided view.

Life is fraught with issues…thankfully many are solvable.

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