Holiday Hopefulness…

Last year at this time I was sitting in the ER as my husband was writhing in pain.

After a challenging five hour analysis he was rushed into surgery.

What followed was a long recovery, thankfully culminating with him as good as new.

I thought that this health calamity, preceded by Queen E.’s passing, was hitting emotional rock bottom.

One year later the present landscape looks rocky.

Covid is running ramped, the economy is suffering, trump is holding America hostage and we are all aware of the endless array of problems raging in America.

As the holidays approach we need to put on our Big Girl and Boy panties and embrace the positives.

We will have a new, calm, capable administration that will do everything possible to defeat Covid, the news about a safe, effective vaccine is trending positive, we may just have a majority in the Senate, we have all become very clear on priorities in our own lives and have probably hunkered down and saved money by living a socially responsible life.

The past eight months have definitely tested relationships. Thankfully, divorce is not the activity of choice so I am assuming many made wise life choices.

We know who our true friends are and have developed new interests, improving cooking skills which, in Coronaville, is a necessity.

I have become a dedicated Peloton fan.

I’m on a 23 week streak of never missing a day on the bike or hiking the Santa Monica Mountains.

I feel fit.

A restaurant devotee, I have not been to one since March 14th, have not had the extreme pleasure of enjoying live theater, nor have I professionally landscaped my face, hands or toes in 9 months…I can deal with these first world problems with a hopeful view that life will return to a semblance of normalcy in the not too distant future.

I am just thrilled to have dodged Covid…my family has been diligently dedicated to self-quarantining.

I must admit every little issue does loom large as I have time without outside distractions to ruminate which can be self-defeating along with daily 3am unsettling internal wake up calls.

I have never watched so much TV and as with campaign spending I struggle with how much money is spent on churning out crappy TV and movies.

Wish we could take all this money and funnel it into education, infrastructure and healthcare, but I am a legal dreamer.

I do not want to negate the pleasure shows such as Schitt$ Creek, Catastrophe, Cheer, Never Have I Ever, Fleabag, Unbelievable, Unorthodox, etc. have provided during these restricted, uncertain times.

Here’s hoping that you are all emotionally and physically as sound as living in Coronaville permits.

Revel in another, hopefully, healthy day.



  1. Cathy Newman says:

    I was thinking about the huge sums of money we spend on political campaigns, television ads, mailings, etc., etc. It is truly criminal and such a horrible waste, when there would be so many worthwhile things to spend that money on that could actually help people, animals in need, or our environment. My mom says there should be some nationwide tax that we all pay for campaigning and every candidate gets the same allotment and when it’s done, it’s done. Harrumph!

  2. This was beautifully said—as usual. There is much to be grateful for and hopeful about and this “pause” has certainly taught us new skills and clarified our priorities. Love and hope prevail. Here’s to wearing this next “wave”. Sending you and David love. Someday we’ll all be together.

  3. sending this with love….

    we are here…we have hard hard times, but keeping hope alive within us. all we can do…………along with mask,soap and distance . here is to 2021…may it start turning the page and then keep going

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