Hit Me With Your Best Shot…

Breaking News.

Mix and Match.

I am confused.

Isn’t that a term geared to clothing?

I am hoping to schedule my Covid booster shot this week.

I am holding out for Moderna.

I am a big fan of symmetry and I like when my outfits match so I am going to stick with that shallow, unscientific philosophy.

Naively, I find myself surprised by what scientists and doctors are recommending, arbitrarily mixing and matching Covid recipes.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine seems as effective as guaranteeing a NY Jets win (the Johnson family own the Jets) and Pfizer seems mighty as a stand alone.  I am Team Moderna all the way.


Here I go…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I am confident that armed with my Moderna deflectors, combined with the flu shot, this artillery will protect me against dangerous variant viral adversaries as well as really stupid, selfish humans.



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  1. i just got booster shot and felt the same way….Moderna straight up

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