High and Dry…

Good morning, Los Angeles.

I am happy to report that I experienced a fabulous flight yesterday from New York City to Los Angeles.

Departure was scheduled for 5:50am which meant a 4am pick up.

Despite the lack of sleep, escaping Manhattan at 4am does have obvious advantages such as no traffic.

I was shocked at how crowded the airport was at 4:30 in the morning.

I will never understand why the TSA lines are limited to one prior to 8am. Many airports do not even open the TSA fast track before 6am.

Anyway, JetBlue was a dream and the flight attendants were so friendly and accommodating.

No fights or video recordings necessary.

I sat next to an adorable couple returning from their honeymoon.

We had an extensive conversation about in-laws, specifically how the husband’s family fails to embrace the new daughter-in-law.

Boy, could I relate.

The flight was incredibly fast, smooth and for a mere (she wrote sarcastically) $90 on top of the $200 one way fare, lots more legroom.

I still cannot figure out why the seat upgrades are not universal…every airline charges a different price.

Ann Coulter would have lost her mind all together if her seat was changed on JetBlue as Delta only charges $30.

The public would have been inundated with triple the number of tweets.

Stepping outside the airport, I lovingly embraced the lack of humidity.

The east coast humidity index is daunting and demoralizing.

Give me the cold shoulder any day of the week…a cold winter day, a brisk fall month or a raging snowstorm…I just cannot handle the heat.

The transition to the west coast went smoothly except it was necessary to trade in walking for motorized transportation.

Error in judgment…I drove the 2 miles to the grocery store instead of walking.

My car turned on me even though he had a two month respite.

After being towed and calling a Lyft to get me and my perishables home, I am once again dependent on foot power which is much more reliable than an automobile.

At least, I will be walking in dry, humid free air.

i should draw a lot of attention since no one walks anywhere in LaLaLand.

photo: urban clotheslines

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