Here’s My Pitch…


Sports is analogous to life.

Every day has its’ high and lows. Emotionally stable at one moment, frazzled the next, hitting on all cylinders and then striking out. 

I cannot believe I am just realizing this…probably because I never took the time to think about the correlation. Maybe that’s why I am addicted to sports. It personifies my life.

Case in point…opening week of Major League Baseball.

The Yankees Opening Day was a disaster. Yankee pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka, the supposed saver who was injured last year, was shelled for five runs. It could be a short season as Tommy John surgery may be lurking.

Wednesday night the Yankees won a crazy game in the bottom of the 8th and last night CC Sabathia pitched and blew it in the second inning. They lost. Scorecard…this week I was down on Monday, elated on Wednesday, downtrodden Thursday.

I have been on a two month sabbatical from sports highs and lows. Believe me, it has not been self-imposed. Football ended in January, Syracuse basketball was disqualified so Wednesday night was my first positive, adrenaline infused jock night.

I was screaming, yelling, pacing, but careful not to wear out the new flooring.

Seriously, to all the doubters out there, there is no high whether through drugs, buying a designer bag, eating an exquisite meal, or even falling in love that has the rush of being devoted to a team, winning a Super Bowl or World Series. Plus, the elation lasts much longer than an orgasm.

Before you write me off and even if you could care less, go to a major sporting event.

You will experience the rush. The retail therapy and food are pretty good, as well.

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