Here Comes The Judge…

These days it is all about afternoon delight.

During the week I look forward to a daily turn on.

David is still hard at work, but I team up with a group of considerably younger, enthusiastic, athletic men who got game.

The Bronx Bombers storm their way into my California home and I willingly succumb.

Yes…the YES Network has my undivided attention and I am a happy participant.

Over the last few years, my baseball team has lacked passion and power.

These days, the verdict is in on how much fun it is to watch the new and improved NY Yankees.

Aaron Judge

Here come the Judge!

Rookie outfielder and power hitter, Aaron Judge, carries a formidable gavel, wielding his stick and hammering home 13 home runs, becoming the youngest player in history to reach that total in his team’s first 26 games of a season.

Wednesday’s homer traveled 435 feet at 112.5 mph…what a ride!

I did a conversion and 435 feet equals the height of a 40 story building.

The 6’7″ 280 pound powerhouse is singlehandedly making baseball fun.

To be fair, the Yankees are collectively hitting and the pitching has also been effective.

As of today, the NY Yankees are leading their division and have one of the best records in baseball.

Come on…join the party and make it to home base without having to compromise any morals.

Those Damn Yankees!!


*photo: Getty Images


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  1. Paula Lopez says:

    Although I am not THAT much of a sports fan— this was still a fun read- thank you.

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