To Heather Heyer: We’re Paying Attention, And We’re Outraged

Image of a woman in a black shirt holding aloft a large photo portrait of Heather Heyer with the words "Remember Her" above and "Killed By Nazi" below the photo. To her left is another woman in a red "Dump Trump" shirt.
Photo: Vox

Heather Heyer’s Facebook Post Is Her Legacy

“If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention.”

Lack of human decency and concern for others leads to chaos, hatred and violence.

The majority of decent American people are disgusted and disheartened.

The President of the United States is devoid of compassion, remorse and the desire to unite the country.

That is why the self-serving blob in the oval office must abdicate his throne.

The American presidency is being reduced to another CEO job with the goal to enhance the Trump brand and the family’s financial gain.

Not on any level can any human being endorse racism and anti-semitism.

There were no “very fine people” representing the truckloads of Neo-Nazis, KKK members, White Nationals and White Supremacists who gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend with violence on their minds.

Saturday’s rally ended with dozens of injuries and the tragic murder of Heather Heyer.

Hate groups must be vehemently condemned by both political parties.

I am deeply offended as an American and a human being.

I was gobsmacked when I realized that Trump’s words had excited and energized the rank and file who want a completely segregated white nation.

These White Supremacists are no different than ISIS or Al Qaeda, recruiting uninspired, lazy, angry, lost, hateful, sick people.

They seek identity in these horrific groups because they are failed individuals.

They are like sheep being lead by violent leaders.

These extremists are not engaged for political reasons, but for drama, in the hopes of achieving purpose and notoriety within the white supremacist dysfunctional, diseased family.

A CALL TO ACTION: Every single one of us must “put down hate” and speak up wherever we encounter injustice.

It is unbelievable that Cabinet members and White House staff have chosen to remain silent.

Having a nice vacation Ivanka and Jared?

Hate had no home here.

Image is a capture of Heather Heyer's Facebook cover photo update dated November 19, 2016. It shows a dark purple background with white words reading "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. Anonymous"


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