Hate Has No Home Here…

Are we immune to hatred and racism?

Why is being honest and humane a partisan issue.

As your average American I would admire and support a politician standing up for what is right.

Now is your moment to shine and show your true stripes.

Speak out.

Do not remain mute regarding slanderous, hateful rhetoric.

Silence means agreement.

Strive to unite America.

Re-election shouldn’t be the paramount reason for remaining silent and not righting a wrong.

Republicans appear to be insecure about their electability, clearly afraid to take on the wrath of the Orange blob.

Cross party lines.

Just do the right thing.

Do not feed the seeds of hatred and racism.

The Bigot-In-Chief is shining a light on these issues, hoping they will flourish.

Racism, hatred, antisemitism are heinous on any level.

Words stick…you can’t take them back.

A great president must strive for harmony with the goal of bringing a divided nation together.

We are all home…collectively, we need to clean up our house, sweep out the hate, redecorating our lives with compassion and understanding.

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