Happy Bird…


I have to say that yesterday was a good day.

Being happy is effortless.

Angry Bird days create a lot of negative energy, cause migraines and severe indigestion.

The day started at 5am tending to my pup who is recovering from surgery. I am so grateful that she is on the mend and should be fine…I could not handle losing another doggie so soon.

By 7:40am I had a house full of men working in the bathroom. I am thrilled that the renovation is going so quickly and looking good.

None of the guys could qualify as Chippendale dancers, but they are certainly cutting an attractive swath through the bathroom.

I was being pulled in a million directions because a plethora of decisions had to be made.

I really like the new contractor. He looks me in the eye, my husband is not the center of the universe which means I actually have a voice and opinion. His crew is courteous and neat and work very hard as opposed to the whiny crew that Satan used. Just having Satan retreat back to hell makes me a Happy Bird.

I dodged the chaos and headed to the gynecologist  which turned out to be easy breezy and until the blood tests come back, I am purportedly a healthy middle-aged feisty biatch.

I did a drive by at the new upholsterer and my furniture is going to be spectacular. If their is a silver lining to what happened with my last upholsterer, it is hooking up with a team of professionals who are caring, creative and honest.

Soon after I received an email from a prestigious magazine who wants to buy my photos of a hot new restaurant that I reviewed on my blog.

My  mom had a doctor’s appointment and she is healing and getting stronger. She may even be able to drive again.

I headed to Venice and sweated to the tunes at Yaz which I thought was a birth control pill. Sitting on the spin bikes are definitely prophylactic.

I returned home 6 hours later to a half completed bathroom that was absolutely stylin’.

I paused and actually took a moment to take in our new home with an unemotional, objective eye and for the first time since we bought the Money Pit I could actually see progress and an end in sight.

Miracles do happen.



  1. I am glad your day turned out so well….may I say it is about time.

  2. Sarah Kennedy says:

    Love it!!!!! 🙂

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