Hank’s Tanks…

Walked to dinner the other night which is an anomaly in Los Angeles.

I had previously relayed that a new pinkie’s up boutique shopping center, the Palisades Village, had sprouted in Pacific Palisades.

It was a lovely evening so we walked the mile into town.

That’s a long distance in Los Angeles and a quick stroll in NYC.

Our destination was dinner at the new Blue Ribbon owned restaurant from Bruce and Eric Bromberg called, Hank’s.

We were adequately greeted by a nonverbal gentleman and led to a cramped table inside.

The 5 year-old sitting next to me was literally jumping up and down on the banquette which was an extraordinarily obnoxious act.

He grabbed a french fry with his dirty little hands on every downward bounce.

His blonde, bored mother who, bless her soul, was nannyless, never told him to sit down and stop jumping.

She sat silently gazing at her iPhone.

We did not last long and headed for the patio.

Betty Boop was our server.

She had a voice that could cut glass.

We ordered and never saw her again.

No cocktails were suggested…nothing.

Double Diamond Burger

I ordered the Double Diamond Burger which is two stacked 4oz patties served with Lettuce, Tomato, Hank’s Sauce & a stranded pickle ($15).

The burger along with the fried chicken sandwich ($14.50) are Hank’s signature items.

It was tasty, cheese cost an extra $1.50 and nothing else other than a very garlicky pickle was on the stark rectangular tray.

Crispy Shrimp Sandwich

David order the Crispy Shrimp Sandwich which he enjoyed despite the spice ($19.50).

Fries are $6, Onion Rings and Mac & Cheese $8, side salad $6.

The Chicken Wings come in three different sizes, priced from $14-$38.

With the repulsion of carbs in mind, on the menu is a Burger Bowl with a 4oz beef or chicken patty served over a Greek or Caesar Salad ($14.50).

The Impossible Burger which looks and bleeds like meat, but is vegan, is another selection ($15.50).

I wish I had more food items to review, but that’s all folks.

Palisades Village

The best part of the restaurant is the view.

Rick Caruso, the developer who also built The Grove in West Hollywood, did a fabulous job on the grounds, the leasing is suspect and the restaurants are fairly mediocre.

Why they have a McConnell’s ice cream shop in the Village is beyond me.

Supporting my theory, General Porpoise, the Seattle boutique donut shop, was out of business in six months.

I actually think the women in the Palisades would surrender their Birkin bags before they would eat carbs.

Hank’s Bar

If classic American fare is your thing then Hank’s will eventually fill the tank.

Hank’s Patio

Hank’s 1033 N Swarthmore Avenue Pacific Palisade, California. Open daily 11:30am-10pm, Sunday 11:30-9pm. Public underground parking, Valet and street parking. Reservations on OpenTable.com.

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