Serving up a pu pu platter of indigestible greed.

Remember the tax break the Orange buffoon and his band of lackeys in Congress gave to the rich?

Now the same hypocrites are attempting to block $1400 checks to Americans who are literally starving.

Rich people lament: beneficiaries of the trump tax break are the residents at 432 Park Avenue in New York City, one of the wealthiest addresses in the world.

Tragically, the owners must now spend $15,000 a year at the building’s private restaurant run by Michelin-star chef Shaun Hergatt.

Originally, owners were required to spend $1,200 each year at the residents-only restaurant when the building opened in 2015.

Times are tough in Coronaville for the Richie Riches as residents are no longer entitled to their previously free breakfast and these new developments have enraged owners.

Karma is a bitch.

Rumor has it that the residents will not be breaking bread together and spending big bucks for an all-American burger since they are not allegedly each other’s cup of tea.

And, to pile on, the bigly price tags do not guarantee problem-free living.

Apparently, there are millions of dollars of water damage from plumbing and mechanical issues, frequent elevator malfunctions and walls that creak (maybe they can now relate to slum lord apartments and public housing issues)…all of which may be connected to the building’s main selling point which is its immense height, affording more rarified air for the rich and famous and providing unfettered views of Central Park and its environs.

The real problem may be the “mechanical void loophole”, a zoning loophole that permits developers to fill multiple floors with mechanical equipment without officially counting the floors, allowing developers to charge a premium for units on higher floors.

We have dealt with this loophole in our NYC neighborhood and, subsequently, these new ultra high rises are doing irreparable environmental damage to the flora and fauna in Central Park as their shadows have far reaching consequences…more harmful greed.

I do not begrudge rich people. I even like some, but at this time in America this story makes me want to set up a humble pie stand right on Park Avenue.


Photo:Inside Edition

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  1. it continues to blow my mind……some have so much,but yet are not satisfied or upset that those that do not have —-should maybe have.

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