Hands Free…


Remember the good old days when smoking a cigarette or tuning the radio was the only dangerous driving habit…driving under the influence notwithstanding.

Nowadays, no one ever watches the road. Drivers are so busy texting, talking, GPS’ing along with smoking and tuning.

Walking as much as I do I am amazed by the amount of luxury cars…Maserati, Porsche, Bentley, Mercedes…that come equip with Bluetooth and yet all the testosorone laden drivers have cell in hand.

Why is that?

As in the old days with drunk drivers, we are aware of the signs…swerving, long pauses at lights and stop signs, lagging 10 car lengths behind the car in front of you, hogging both lanes.


Maybe that’s why people do not give the finger as much. They don’t have any free hands when they should be Hands Free.

In NYC the cops are on it when you text and clutch the cell to your ear. In LA it is an epidemic and it needs to be monitored.

Let’s fine the fuckers and fund homes for all the homeless presently taking up residence on the beaches, mountainsides and sidewalks in the City of Angels.

And after that rant I bid you a Devilishly fab holiday weekend and I will be back at you on Tuesday.

In the meantime, enjoy Blondie’s, Hanging On The Telephone, while you drive Hands Free:

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