Handicapping America …


This man comes out swinging every single day.

He never breaks even.

We all experience days filled with double bogeys.

We all have problems and end up in the rough.

But, this jackass hasn’t scored for this country since he took over power.

Through his dicey game plan, Americans are now forced to not only worry about their personal safety, but the safety of the country.

This pathological liar is terrorizing America.

Every damn day there is another tweet, causing a firestorm of criticism.

Trump is unstable.

His tweets are juvenile and vindictive.

The President receives carefully curated national security reports daily.

His tweets are filled with alternative facts…a total disregard for the intelligence communities fact checking.

He is a president that runs this country through insecurity, ignorance, narcissism, ultimately chipping away at the respect associated with the Oval Office.

The man is toxic.

His handicap is his insecurity and narcissism.

When the president is insecure the country is unstable..

The world is dumbfounded.

Trump is changing the conversation about America as the most powerful nation in the world.
This madness must stop.
Americans are exhausted from Covid-19 and frankly, many are just sick to death of being exposed to Agent Orange.
The money the U.S. federal government has spent on Humpty Trumpty’s golf trips would amount to him being America’s 10th highest-paid athlete.

Since his 2016 inauguration, Trump has made nearly 250 visits to various golf clubs, according to Trump Golf Count, a website that tracks the president’s golf outings.

These trips have cost the federal government an estimated $152 million in three years or more than $50.6 million annually, the Root magazine said in its report.

Let’s scratch him off the political scorecard and come up with a different course of action and leadership…responsible, caring Americans are begging Agent Orange to crawl into a bunker and disappear.

Vote on November 3rd for a new beginning for our country.


*Photo: Pinterest.com, golf channel.com


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