Hamptons Escape…

Hello, I’m Toby and I am presently a stay at home wife…and live in aide.

I busted loose on a crisp and cold winter Saturday.

I piled my stitched together recovering patient and the dogs and headed for the Hamptons.

It was a quick and easy 90 minute drive early in the  morning, but not as fast on the way back.

We stopped on Main Street in Southampton for coffee and a shared egg on a rosemary ciabatta roll.

The Devil, always having the goal in mind to entertain and educate, wanted to provide the scoop on ciabatta bread.

Created in 1982 by a baker in Verona, Italy, ciabatta was a response to the popularity of French baguettes.

Enjoy…moving on.

We then headed to Cooper Beach in Southampton, a long time favorite destination.

The dogs romped on the practically deserted beach and Finnley worked out our throwing arm for almost two hours.

The beach was gorgeous, the tide low and there were miles to run free.

Just leaving the city for the day and spending it by the water cleanses the soul and reinvigorates the spirit.

We found a fabulous steamers and lobster place on the way home in Hampton Bay.

We were tempted to head to the Lobster Roll in Amagansett, but that added almost two hours to the round trip.

The food at Out of the Blue was glorious, the service warm and embracing.

We were home by 6pm and felt like great parents having let the doggies run free and have the time of their life.

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  1. just what the doctor and YOU ordered!!!!!!

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