Hair Me Roar…

I uncovered a guilt-free way to forgo exercising.

I honestly enjoy my daily workouts, but I adore good hair days.

I just had a keratin treatment.

Rules are rules and you cannot get hot and sweaty or wash your hair for at least three days.

For hundreds of dollars you do not want to mess with the process.

A few more days and I will be back to my regime, hopefully with absolutely maaavelous looking hair.

Picture this…I will be hair tossing and flipping my way through daily life just like every WASP in the city.

Fabulosity…Hair Me Roar!

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  1. Beth Martin says:

    I can’t wait. Luckily for me, I just say no! I’m staying in bed this am curled up with my cats and a good book. Fabulous.

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