Hair Do Dolly Day…

Why do I feel happy one minute and down the next…especially when nothing monumental has transpired.

No parking ticket, weight gain, I am not pissed off with my spouse, bad hair day, NY Yankee or NY Giants loss (actually the Yankees have recently won 7 in a row), letter from the IRS, Visa bill shock, increased breast sagidge, new wrinkles.

Is it hormonal…still?!

Perhaps it is just vacation letdown. Our trip to Cuba was fabulous with the biggest issue being will the lobster tonight be as good as the previous night.

Maybe it is the dreaded upcoming dentist appointment.

My only logical alternative is to just ride it out and try to remind myself how fortunate I am.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Wait…I just had 1,000 hits to my latest post.

I feel a glimmer of hope…things are looking up.

Plus, my hair looks really good.

Redemption…it may just turn out to be a Hair Do Dolly day after all.


  1. Paula Lopez says:

    LOL. Because I am at the computer debating wether or not I had time to do my HAIR!!!! knowing that the outcome of my day depended on how it looked and felt!!!!!!

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