Gucci Goodies…Los Angeles Restaurant Review

I admit to Indulging in Gucci.

I have never been known to devour the product.

I broke with tradition the other day and feasted on Gucci while dining in Bev Hills at Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura.

It is a tough reservation to nab and at first it appears to be a rigorous road.

You must cancel 48 hours in advance, limit your photo taking within the restaurant, adhere to a dress code, commit to an $80 per person deposit and expect high priced culinary treats.

In reality, Gucci Osteria is the complete opposite of the alleged rigidity.

The well dressed staff are warm and welcoming.

You can snap away uncensored.

And while the food is pricey it is so damn delicious and creative.

The intimate environment is divine, perched on a balcony 3 stories up on ritzy Rodeo Drive away from the maddening tourist crowd.

The restaurant features cherry red velvet banquettes and herringbone wood flooring.

The completely covered outdoor terrace has Italian marble mosaic floors.

Gucci Osteria opened in 2020 with respected Osteria Francescana chef and Netflix Chef Table star, Massimo Bottura, leading the charge.

It is the first Gucci Osteria location in the United States, but not in the world. The original Michelin-starred Gucci Osteria, which opened in 2018, is located in the Gucci Gardens on the main floor of the Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence, Italy.

The Gucci tableware is eye catching.

The attention to detail is impressive.

The service is efficient and friendly.

The executive staff sport to die for Gucci suits and the wait staff clock the miles in Gucci sneakers and patterned aprons.

The purse stools are attractive resting places for your bag.

Our server, Sunshine, surely lit up our lunch.

A la carte is offered as well as the Beverly Hills Classics 5 Courses priced at $170. The entire table must order the tasting menu. Wine pairings are also available.

We made our selections and our amuse bouche arrived immediately

It was a light as a feather cheese layered canapé.

The homemade bread was incredible. The seeded bread had such a distinctive flavor and the hearty raisin bread was to die for accompanied by sumptuous Brittany Butter and an outrageously creamy Ricotta.

We selected the Insalata du Mare, a Seafood Salad which is comprised of lightly blanched fresh seafood with chopped cucumber, radish and a light horseradish sauce ($34).

The dish was perfection.

The Risotto Camouflaged As Pizza with tomato, basil and stracciatella was divine consisting of perfectly prepared rice, mozzarella and charred caper dust which imitates the lightly burnt pizza crust ($46).

I cannot overstate how spectacular the Patatine Fritte, Italian Fries were served with a homemade EVO mayonnaise sauce. The fries are a 48 hour production and amazingly stay hot until the very last fry is consumed ($26).

We were too full for dessert, but a special treat arrived with a liquor infused creamy pastry.

I requested an espresso which was reminiscent of an authentic Italian coffee bar served with a side of steamed milk presented in an elegant sterling silver pitcher.

Chef Mattia Agazzi circulates and chats with every patron. He hails from the Italian region of Lombardy.

The personable and charming chef uses only the finest American and Italian produce, which he playfully interprets through his own on point creativity.

Dining at Gucci Osteria is a wonderfully enriching and fulfilling experience for all your senses and should not be missed.

Gucci Osteria 347 North Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, California. Open for lunch and dinner Wednesday-Sunday 11:30am-2pm and 5:30-8pm. Reservations on the Gucci website. Metered Street and Public Garage Parking. No Valet Parking. 



  1. I have a bias against fancy restaurants with rules of behavior, such as a pre-dining deposit. But everything you so eloquently described sounds wonderfully delicious.

  2. I am biased against fancy restaurants with rules, such as pre-dining deposits. But the food you so eloquently describe sounds remarkable. I am ready to splurge on my next trip to LA.?

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