Grudge Match…



Unfortunately, I hang onto them as tightly as I do my NY Giants game day superstitions.

I think it is a female malady. I remember the vindictive acts of elementary school girls because Rocco Possidento had a crush on me (I still giggle at that name). I won’t friend Lisa XX on Facebook because she was a mean girl to me in middle school.

I need to cleanse and purge and have a negative acquaintance high colonic.

Men take a very sophisticated view of interpersonal relationships. Basically, shit happens…move on. Women cogitate…shit happens and I will pay that bitch back if it is the last thing I ever do.

That is the personification of the differences between the sexes unless you are one particular mean spirited, conniving, vengeful male who lives in my NYC building and then revenge is the only code to live by.


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